Let me share a short story

I remember when my dad and I travelled to the eastern part of Nigeria for a particular engagement. Our car developed issues such that we had to park it to prevent further damages. I was shocked because the car got checked days ago by my dad’s favorite mechanic.

This brought about FixBot...

What is FixBot?

Every day, on the street of Lagos, Kigali, Pretoria, London, Abuja and Ibadan, we have all seen that cars break down for several reasons. Sometimes, even in the middle of nowhere. Remember my dad's car, our car broke down in an unknown location we had to look for a mechanic who was 11km away.

There are high chances of experiencing a car breakdown Here is why:

1. Cars break down for several reasons .

2. Even your mechanics gives you an inaccurate diagnosis.

3. To diagnose or know the health status of your car by going to a diagnostics shop is quite expensive and stressful.

4. Some products are quite stressful and complex to understand. They use Bluetooth to transmit data.

Say Hello to FixBot 👋

FixBot is the easiest, fastest and better way to get access to the common and hidden information about your car. We provide insight to the car life, real-time driving data insights like speeding, temperature, acceleration, location history and the water level of your car.

Acquiring knowledge of car health gives you a smarter way to care for your car. Which is our goal.

At FixBot, we have built a smarter way to care about your car with just a click.

Why FixBot

  • Fast and real -time data
  • On demand data about your car’s health status
  • Improved car's diagnostic experience
  • Certified automobile mechanics tips and recommendations.

Easy and better Diagnose Experience

Say No more to stressful and complex diagnoses. With FixBot, you get accurate diagnose results and you can understand what went wrong with your car without googling.

We are making it easy to know about health status without going to a mechanics school. Currently, we have the English language, more languages coming soon( Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and French). Imagine hearing your radiator is faulty in your local language.

Other Features

We have certain features that are coming soon:

- AutoLand (MarketPlace for mechanics and spare parts dealers)

- FleBot (Fleet Management)

- Predictive System to let you know when your vehicle is likely to break down

- Reminders

- APIs to build the next Uber or Lyft or Telsa


We charge for a one-time fee with a one-year free subscription fee 25,000 nairas.

For fleet managers and logistics companies, we have the best solution and offers for you... You can shoot us a mail at futofixbot@gmail.com

Sign up and get one free week of access to test our device. Sign up at our website myfixbot.com

Our products are mainly for vehicles from 2008 to date currently.

We are working to include more soon 🤗🤗.

If you want to see a demo, schedule a time with us, by clicking here.

Once again, Say Hello to FixBot Beta Version 1.0 👋, myfixbot.com



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